Allergy Testing

Chris Stuck performs multi-prick testing for allergy diagnostic purposes in the comfort of our office. The testing is performed on the forearm using 22 different antigens specific to the central Susquehanna Valley. The testing usually takes about 90 minutes and is relatively pain free. The physician will see you after the testing to discuss your results and treatment recommendations. In some cases multi-prick testing is not suitable. RAST testing which is a simple blood test is another option for identification of sensitivities. Most patients can be managed with a combination of environmental adaptation and medications. Rarely is immunotherapy (allergy shots) necessary. However we are able to provide that service if needed.

Audiological Evaluation

Complete diagnostic testing to evaluate, diagnose, and treat hearing impairments. We test patients of all ages from toddlers to senior citizens.

Hearing Aids

Our highly skilled team of audiologists will perform professional audiometric testing here in our office and if recommended will fit you with state of the art digital hearing aids. We primarily dispense Oticon aids and will happily work with other manufactures to provide you with the best hearing possible for your hearing loss. ALD’s or assisted listening devices are sometimes an option for enhancing hearing if aids are not appropriate or sufficient. Hearing aid technology has improved greatly in the past few years promoting patient satisfaction with the transition to aided hearing.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection and custom ear plugs are another service we are happy to provide to the community. Children, musicians, industrial employees exposed to high levels of noise will all benefit from our custom fitted hearing protection. It’s never too late to protect your hearing.

Air Purifiers

Medical Park ENT proudly uses the Towncraft Air-purification system. It reduces over 99% of bacteria, fungi, pollen, dust mites, smoke, pet dander, virus, and dust in your home or office setting. These pollutants contribute to allergy and asthma flare ups.  Air purification may decrease the need for medication therapy.