Areas of Expertise

Sinus evaluation and treatment including image guidance surgery

Many patients in the Susquehanna Valley are plagued with chronic sinus symptoms. We routinely evaluate these symptoms to determine the cause.

  • Allergic evaluation may be performed in our office utilizing multi-prick method

  • Obstructive and/or inflammatory diseases may require surgical intervention. Dr. Bruce has 30 years of experience performing these procedures. In addition we utilize image guided endoscopic equipment at The Surgery Center of Central PA and Evangelical Community Hospital. This equipment provides an extra element of safety when performing sinus surgery.

  • Balloon Sinuplasty


Acclarent Aera

Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation System.


Thyroid Disease

  • A large part of our practice is the evaluation and treatment of thyroid disorders.

  • Nodules.  We are very aggressive in determining their risk. If surgical treatment is necessary patient’s can be comforted in knowing the Dr. Bruce has performed well over 1000 thyroid surgeries.



  • Our entire staff enjoys our interactions with children. The office provides a separate pediatric waiting area. We treat otitis media, sore throats, enlarged tonsils, and general ENT related problems.


Hearing & Audiology:


  • Our highly experienced and licensed team of audiologists perform diagnostic audiological assessment.  Based on findings, appropriate ways to improve listening and hearing skills are discussed

  • State of the art, digital hearing aids are recommended if appropriate.  Also, assistive listening devices, including blue tooth compatible devices can be used to improve difficult listening situations

  •  Custom hearing plugs for recreational or occupational use can be molded to protect your hearing from noise exposure.   Musician’s hearing protection and swim plugs are also available